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1st NTFS Recovery

... NTFS recovery to salvage lost data and fix corrupted partitions if a system crash or data corruption occurs.... [mehr]

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DriveClone Pro

...veClone Pro also come with automatic, ongoing file version backup and system snapshots for easy recovery.... [mehr]

1433 Downloads   Shareware   WinXP

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Power Data Recovery

..., accidental format, repartition, virus attack, software malfunction, system crash. It is an easy to use data recovery utility that examines your inac... [mehr]

592 Downloads   Shareware   Alle Windowssysteme

Data Recovery Software for iPods

Data Recovery Software for iPods

...ration facility for all storage drives and supports Windows operating system like 98, Vista.... [mehr]

357 Downloads   Shareware   WinVista

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Unistal PowerPoint Recovery

...s etc. Unistal PowerPoint recovery Software runs on Windows Operating system & supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server.... [mehr]

1604 Downloads   Shareware   Win2000

Macintosh Data Recovery Software

...r data storage media. Kernel for Macintosh supports HFS and HFS+ file system.... [mehr]

2590 Downloads   Shareware   Mac

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Recover My Files Data Recovery Software

...ptied from the Recycle Bin, from a formatted hard disk, lost due to a system crash or virus infection, such as the MyDoom virus. The demo includes a ... [mehr]

1516 Downloads   Shareware   Alle Windowssysteme

Unistal Word Recovery

... charts etc. Unistal Word recovery Software runs on Windows Operating system & supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server.... [mehr]

417 Downloads   Shareware   Win2000

Excel Recovery

...ecovery is a guaranteed password recovery tool for Excel. Guaranteed recovery feature will unlock your document without brute-force attack! All Excel... [mehr]

745 Downloads   Demo   Alle Windowssysteme

Linux Recovery

Linux Recovery

...ting system data recovery from Ext2, Ext3 file system based operating system such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, SCO, Mandrake, Turbo, SuSe, and Debian. Users ca... [mehr]

405 Downloads   Shareware   Alle Windowssysteme

Anxiety & Phobia workbook Software

...Anxiety & Phobia workbook Software is a user friendly system which keeps track of medication, log daily events, keep a record of symptoms, monitor the... [mehr]

825 Downloads   Freeware   Alle Windowssysteme

Data Recovery NTFS partitions. Data recovery NTFS software supports NTFS & NTFS5 file system to recover lost NTFS data.... [mehr]

870 Downloads   Demo   Win2000

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R-Linux Data Recovery Freeware

...ved on any (including network) disks accessible by the host operating system.... [mehr]

950 Downloads      Alle Windowssysteme

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Outlook Password Recovery Wizard

...nal folders, regardless of their length and their author's ingenuity. system administrators will appreciate the thorough and clear-structured account ... [mehr]

1798 Downloads   Shareware   Alle Windowssysteme

4.50 von 10 Sternen (4 Stimmen)

Elprime Media Recovery

...echnology to access and recover unreadable files in Windows operating system. Elprime Media recovery can recover all types of multimedia files (audio,... [mehr]

469 Downloads   Demo   Alle Windowssysteme

PowerPoint File Recovery

...ftware repair ppt files that are corrupt due to virus attacks, sudden system shutdown, and software corruption or for some human errors. PowerPoint Fi... [mehr]

786 Downloads   Shareware   Win95/98

Password Recovery Engine for Network Connections, speed. Being one of the fastest password recovery tools, Password recovery Engine for Network Connections reveals the passwords immediately after ... [mehr]

451 Downloads   Shareware   WinXP

Excel Password Recovery Wizard

...complex passwords. The built-in attack profiles enable rapid password recovery with only one key press. Success is guaranteed.... [mehr]

627 Downloads   Shareware   Alle Windowssysteme

NT File Recovery

NT File Recovery

...fective solution to restore accidentally deleted files from NTFS file system. The software supports recovering all types of files like documents, appl... [mehr]

999 Downloads   Freeware   WinXP

8.50 von 10 Sternen (4 Stimmen)

R-Word Recovery Software

...uments on all (including network) disks visible by the host operating system.... [mehr]

3201 Downloads      Alle Windowssysteme

Task Manager Fix

... recovery and data safety software which allows you to safeguard your system privacy by enabling the Task Manager to view all the running processes in... [mehr]

480 Downloads   Freeware   WinXP

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Recovery for Works

...very software for corrupted Microsoft Works files (.WPS, .XLR, .WDB). recovery for Works components restore Works Wordprocessor documents, Works Sprea... [mehr]

7356 Downloads   Demo   Alle Windowssysteme

Access File Recovery Software

Access File Recovery Software

...estore mdb database files after instance of virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown or media read error. Software recovers data from .mdb files crea... [mehr]

982 Downloads   Shareware   Win2000

iPod Shuffle Songs Recovery

iPod Shuffle Songs Recovery

...sic players. iPod data restoration tool can easily work with all iPod system in various brands and capacity.... [mehr]

483 Downloads   Shareware   Win95/98

Memory Card Data Recovery

... * Data salvage tool regains lost files and folders from damaged file system such as FAT or NTFS. * Memory card data recovery software provides attrac... [mehr]

436 Downloads   Shareware   Alle Windowssysteme

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