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DVD Cover Designer 2010
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DVD Cover Designer 2010 ein paar Mausklicks in der optimalen Größe ausgedruckt werden. Der dvd cover designer 2010 vereint die bewährt einfache Bedienbarkeit des cover-Des... [mehr]

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...äglich aktualisierte Datenbank für Audio-, dvd-, VCD-, CD-ROM-, Audio-dvd-cover zugreift. Für die genannten und weitere Medien können die Original-Cov... [mehr]

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Balanced Scorecard Designer

...Balanced Scorecard designer (BSC designer) is software that simplifies the process of creating and managing Balanced Scorecards or KPI groups. With BS... [mehr]

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DVD-Cover Printmaster

...Der dvd-cover Printmaster hilft korrekte cover zu drucken. Dabei lassen sich für die Vorder- und Rückseite sowie dem Mittelteil separate Graphiken zuo... [mehr]

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CD-Cover Editor 2.5

...r own homemade compilations CDs. But is also great for printing image-covers.... [mehr]

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Iron Speed Designer

...Iron Speed designer generates database and reporting applications for .NET in minutes, straight from your database. Quickly create visually stunning,... [mehr]

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3D GIF Designer
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3D GIF Designer

...3D GIF designer produces animated high-quality 3D pictures, titles, banner ads and buttons for your Web page or for a presentation. You can create ani... [mehr]

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CD-Cover 1.1 (299 KB)

...CD-cover ist ein sehr einfaches, schnelles Programm zum Gestalten und Ausdrucken von Inlays für CD-Jewel Cases, oder einfachen Papierhüllen, die man f... [mehr]


Autoplay Menu Designer 4.0

Autoplay Menu Designer 4.0

...en von professionellen sowie interaktiven Autostark Menüs für CD-ROM, dvd sowie USB Flash Medien. Der Anwender hat die Möglichkeit, innerhalb kürzeste... [mehr]

733 Downloads   Shareware   WinNT Designer 1.1.1 Designer 1.1.1

...Mit dem „fotopuzzle designer“ können Sie nach Belieben Fotobücher erstellen und diese direkt bei bestellen. Mit der kostenlosen Softwa... [mehr]

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.NET Chart Designer

....NET Chart designer is comprehensive charting application that supports more then 40 chart types in multiple modes, meaning that literally hundreds of... [mehr]

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Stimulsoft Reports.Net with Source Code

...What is Stimulsoft Reports.Net? Stimulsoft Reports.Net is a .NET based report generator which helps you create flexible and feature rich reports. Stim... [mehr]

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Cover Expert a professional software solution for creating high-quality virtual covers, box and ebook shots. Features: complex scenes; reflection and transparen... [mehr]

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Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator and Disc Label Maker

...e games such as the Xbox, 360, Playstation, PS2 and Gamecube). This dvd and cd label maker software comes with a full help file for your reference. ... [mehr]

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Quick 3D Cover

...makes professional illustrations of software boxshots, books, CDs and dvd covers and more. It's a quick, simple, effective tool. Quick 3D cover includ... [mehr]

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Websmartz Slideshow Designer

...WebSmartz slideshow software is an easy to use software to create professional quality slideshows with attractive flash templates and special sound ef... [mehr]

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CD Label Designer

... application that will help you to design and print CD jewel case and dvd box labels, booklets, round and business card disk labels. It supports image... [mehr]

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Label Designer Plus DELUXE

...llows you to create great looking Address and Shipping Labels, CD and dvd Labels and Inserts, Envelopes, Post Cards, Name Badges, Signs and other medi... [mehr]

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Envisioneer Express

...Envisioneer Express can also be used to display and review professional designs created with many popular design programs on the market including: ... [mehr]

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Belltech Business Card Designer Pro

...Belltech Business Card designer Pro helps you design and print your own business cards right-away from professional quality business card templates an... [mehr]

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AV MP3 Player Morpher

...y, capture & record music, convert, rip, and burn MP3s & CDs. Edit CD cover & Label. Full functions included to make unique CDs, movies, audio & video... [mehr]

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Zortam Mp3 Media Studio

.../ID3/Lyric/cover/,Wav/Mp3 Conveter,Volume Normalizer,Batch Lyrics and cover Finder, iPod to PC transfer, Playlist Manager, CD Burner.Add karaoke to yo... [mehr]

931 Downloads   Freeware   Alle Windowssysteme Comic Collector

... series, publisher, artist, etc... or use the Image View to view your cover images. Sort and group on any field, print lists and export to your iPod, ... [mehr]

244 Downloads   Shareware   Alle Windowssysteme Book Collector Browse your collection as list or use the Image View to view your cover images. Export your list to your iPod and take it with you to the store.... [mehr]

247 Downloads   Shareware   Alle Windowssysteme Movie Collector

...utomatically, no typing needed. Just type the movie title or scan the dvd barcode to download all data from various sources on the internet (like IMDb... [mehr]

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