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Paltalk 5.0 (733K)

Paltalk is an Internet audio/video chat client offering a wide range of features that allow users to communicate with other users anywhere in the world, at any time, in any mode--all for free. With Paltalk you can make free long-distance calls anywhere in the world to anyone with a PC and a connection to the Internet. Connect with up to 500 other users simultaneously for a group conference call or create your own group and bring together other Paltalk users with similar interests. Use Paltalk to see up to 3 friends simultaneously with the group video conferencing feature, or send a voice e-mail to your buddies if they aren't online. If you want to chat without the video or voice features, you can use the Paltalk instant message feature for real-time text chat. Paltalk also lets you share files with other Paltalk users with the included file transfer feature.

Paltalk now includes Worldwide PC2Phone capability. Users can create and administer their own Permanent Voice Chat Rooms. Finally, Paltalk now includes 24 hour online help.

Note: This program requires you to set up a Paltalk account. After installing Paltalk, you will be directed to the registration page automatically.


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Paltalk 5.0 (733K) 0 von 5 Sternen

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ist ja gar nicht 5.0 sollte man mal updaten;)

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vielen dank schöene grüsse

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