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12Ghosts Shredder

Overwrite files, drag and shred, DoD conform, Wipe Disk. Delete even if the file is locked! No trails are left of any compromising or confidential information. Nobody will ever be able to recover files from your disk! Nobody will even find out the previous name or file size. The file can be overwritten several times with random bits so that even the finest magnetic tracks are mixed up. An irreplaceable extension for every Windows user.

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DSL 16000 : 00:00:01 Stunden
DSL 6000 : 00:00:03 Stunden
DSL 2000 : 00:00:10 Stunden
ISDN : 00:05:12 Stunden
56K Modem : 00:05:57 Stunden


Downloadgröße 2500 KB
Shareware - Lizenz
Ab System: Alle Windowssysteme
Sprache: DE
Am Fr 05. Jan 2007 eingetragen
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