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DBConvert for Access & MS SQL is a reliable bi-directional database migration tool which allows you to convert from:

* MS Access to MS SQL
* MS Access to MS Access
* MS Access to MS SQL Dump
* MS SQL to MS Access
* MS SQL to MS SQL Dump

Convert databases from MS Access to MS SQL or from MS SQL to MS Access rapidly and reliably! Operate with a whole database or select only needed tables, fields, indexes and foreign keys to proceed! Reach the desired result by simple configuring of several options through Wizard interface or in command line mode! MDB to SQL converter is also applicable for MS SQL database migration to another MS SQL database or to another MS SQL Server. Moreover, DBConvert for MS Access & MS SQL is quite well for copying MS Access database (.mdb/.accdb) to another MS Access database (.mdb/.accdb).

Workaround for firewalls and access rights
Use our workarounds as MS SQL Dumps if you don’t have a direct access to MS SQL Server! Dump file can be used if you have no direct access to server, but can execute SQL-scripts, for example through Query Analyzer or other tools.

Preverification of possible conversion errors
Detect possible conversion errors before the conversion process gets started! To prevent is better than to correct! Our tool displays errors and potential problems with your table objects beforehand. Some errors that could bring to the conflict on a destination database are easy to eliminate by a small reconfiguration of the conversion process issues in one touch.

Optimal data mapping
Simple data types assignment for a destination database in one touch. Just choose data types you need for the target fields or the most appropriate data types for the source type and our program will automatically transform types from one specific format to another.

Safe binary data conversion and database integrity
Don`t care about safety of your binary data. Our converter will do it for you! DBConvert tools support all binary data types (including `BLOBs`, `OLE Object` packages, BYTEA and etc). Primary keys, indexes and foreign keys (relations in MS Access) are supported in the best way.

Customize your data conversion process and database copying totally
Copy your database as is or with modified structure! All customizations are organized on the WYSIWYG principal. All objects (tables, fields, indexes, foreign keys) can be tuned up, i.e. renamed or excluded.

Conditional data migration
Manage your database conversion with the help of integrated data filters. Define filtering conditions and retrieve only the specific data that you need for conversion. Due to our data filters you get more control on data migration process.

Full UNICODE architecture support
DBConvert for Access & MS SQL is based on full Unicode architecture with multibyte character sets support. It is compatible with a lot of character sets (including Unicode utf-8) and associated standards.

Savable sessions
Save your sessions and use them again if you do not want to waste time for configuring source, destination database and other customizations for conversion process.

Command line mode
Run DBConvert for Access & MS SQL as a part of your automate solution to activate it from a command line with saved session name as a parameter.

Flexible Scheduling
Raise the productivity of your work up. Conversion and synchronization task managing is performed in all DBConvert tools with built-in Scheduling stage. Using sessions and batch files as parameters the scheduled tasks will automatically work as services in background mode giving you an opportunity to keep them unattended.

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