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JS Pager 2.5 (720 Kb)

If you haven't enough space at your windows desktop JS Pager solves this problem for you. You can, with this program, use up to 100 times more screen space. JS Pager creates a grid where each item/square of the grid corresponds to a screen surface where windows can be placed. You can now run multiple applications outside the visible desktop and switch between them quickly and easily. The program has a skinable interface which gives the user total control over its size and appearance. The interface contains a map over all desktops and windows where the user can move windows to any desktop with a single mouse operation. JS Pager can be configured to have different desktop wallpapers on every desktop and the user can assign hotkeys or use the mouse scroll feature for desktop switching. Additional skins for JS Pager are available at the skins page: http://hem.fyristorg.com/jspage/skins.html


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