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Post-it Software Notes - Lite ( 2.8Mb)

What happens when you cross a Post-it Note with a computer? You get Post-it Software Notes--the classic yellow note designed for your PC. Use the software from the company that invented the Post-it Note. This digital version of 3M's famous canary yellow note is perfect for quick reminders on your computer desktop so you never miss a meeting, event, or thought. With this free Lite version of Post-it Software Notes, you can create your own notes with pictures and hyperlinks, stick notes on your computer desktop, and add alarms to your notes as reminders. You can also subscribe to receive information on a Post-it Software Note from Web sites that provide this service. If you are interested in additional features, such as organizing notes in memoboards or sending notes to others on your LAN, check out other versions of Post-it Software Notes.

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Achtung!!! Help!!!I made a membership,in German,(which I do not speak)nein spreche Duetsch and I put my name,and password in,and I cannot download freeware.Please,contact the website,and write to me in English(sorry,I am trying to learn German,out of books)at the above email.(dorothyblueeyes@sbcglobal.net
"Ich will membership".

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