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ScreenHunter 1.1 (291Kb)

ScreenHunter is a screen capture tool which can copy the fullscreen, the active window, the client window or a rectangular area. It features auto-save of capture in BMP or JPG format, save to Clipboard, timed capture (1 to 60 seconds), selectable hotkey capture (F1 to F10), uses virtually no system resources on standby, etc.

This is a terrific screen capture tool. While on standby it lives as an icon in the desktray (next to the clock) and uses less than 1% of system resources. This means that it isn't a drain on the system while on standby.

It has a fabulous array of options to control the program and it even offers refinements like optionally hiding the icon while a capture is taking place.

* Even smaller and running faster.
* Improved user interface.
It's upgraded to the award winning ScreenHunter 3.1 look and feel.
* New folder selection.
* Improved messaging.
* Saving option settings on standby.
* Improved setup program.


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