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Port Detective 1.01 (402K)

The Port Detective performs a remote port scan on your IP address. This scan helps you determine if you are properly secured, or if you have the proper ports available and open for hosting a server on your Cable or DSL modem. If you have a Cable Modem or xDSL modem, Port Detective will give you the details on what TCP/IP ports are open, in use or blocked. Why not run your own web server from your home? Port Detective will tell you if you can run a web server, FTP Server, Mail Server and just about any other type of Internet server!

Simply Download the Port Detective using the Link below, then run it on your PC that is connected to the Internet, and we do the rest! The Port Detective checks out your PC and let's you know the Port Status - Open, Blocked, or In Use. Try the Port detective yourself today!


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