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Netscape Browser 8.1.3

This third Preview Release includes a browser, e-mail client, instant messenger and a host of other Internet tools to cover virtually everything else.

Netscape users will immediately notice Netscape's new look.

Strikingly similar to NeoPlanet, it boasts a stylish interface that can be customized with software skins.

Preview Release 3 includes enhanced version of the "Modern" theme, which has been made to be less clunky.

However, if you're yearning for the old style, the browser ships with the "Classic" theme as well.

Netscape ditched the button bonanza that turned the browser into a cheap gimmick.

An exceptional new feature is the Cookie Manager.

This great tool lets you view, delete and handle the cookies that have been placed on your system.

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Sprache: Multi
Am Fr 11. Mai 2007 eingetragen
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