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Teen Spirit now Jaangle

Teen Spirit is THE new way to listen music on your PC. It is written in C++ for efficiency and speed and features:

- Music Collection Organizer
- Lyrics Downloader (You can also set your lyrics) more 95% success in common tracks
- Artist info, picture Downloader (from www.allmusic.com)
- Album info, picture Downloader (from www.allmusic.com)
- Album HiRes Album Cover downloader (from www.freecovers.org)
- Integrated Media Player (audio/video files)
- Strong and Quick Database Machine
- Quick and Advanced search options
- Full Text Search for words in Lyrics
- Convenient Rating System
- History Logger (Logs anything you actually listen and keeps statistics
- See your Top 10 (or Top 2000) of most listening tracks (filters include per month/year ...)
- See the popular Artists based on your history
- Mini Player mode in case you liked Winamp..
- Shuffle your full collection with features like 'Auto-Continue'
- Add Offline files like mp3s from CDs - DVDs
- Many different categorization options
- Renamer Engine
- Read ID3 Tags and other information from mp3 - avi - mpg - wma etc. files.
- Write ID3 tags (including lyrics) for mp3s

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