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DBF Manager

As technology advances we tend to switch to new ways of accomplishing the same tasks. Faster machines and better software increase our overall computing and information processing speed as well as overall comfort and reliability. New solutions sometimes offer expanded functionality and increased performance.
However, there are oldies-but-goldies even among data storing and processing technologies. One of such things is DBF database format used widely in system database upkeep and administration today. Despite the fact that DBF standard exists for decades it is still one of the most convenient and feature-rich database formats available on the market. What we actually need is some piece of software that can handle all the format functionality allowing us access DBF databases fast and letting us alter both data structure and the data itself on the fly. But is there a compact solution that would suit all our needs?
In fact, there is! Introducing DBF Manager by Astersoft Co., the truly innovative software intended to handle various DBF databases seamlessly.
DBF Manager supports Clipper, dBase and FoxPro databases. Database structure can be modified without data loss. Data can be edited using appropriate edit controls such as calendar for dates and memo editor for memo fields. Common index searching coupled with fast text search function allows searching for data in any of selected fields. Searching for records in a scope is also possible. Convenient index manager allows re-indexing and rebuilding indices order on the go.
Besides the far-beyond-expectations functionality DBF Manager offers convenient user interface and flexible configuration. Throw in some amazing database management features never seen in software like this before and you get the winner! Flexible licensing mechanism makes purchasing DBF Manager cost-effective both for companies and individuals. The application comes with Free Trial version available. You can download it right now!

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