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DBF Doctor

DBF Doctor is a valuable addition to the software toolkit of any IT professional. DBF Doctor allows you to restore important data from a damaged or corrupt database file in minutes. Our advanced recovery engine ensures good recovery chances. The engine automatically analyzes the headers and data structure of the file and rebuilds damaged segments with remarkable accuracy. Moreover, you can take control of the recovery process and work with the data manually.

DBF Doctor is easy to use and optimized for fast recovery. Because the software consumes minimal system resources, DBF Doctor doesn't affect the productivity of your computer and allows you to work smoothly with other applications. The simple interface allows you to get started in seconds, without complex training. Simply select the corrupt file, open it in DBF Doctor, and you can see the contents of the file again! The program recognizes popular database formats, including DBase III/IV, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, and many others.

DBF Doctor features: Analyzes both headers and data structures within your files; Recognizes all popular DBF formats such as Dbase III/IV, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, and more; Provides automatic or manual data recovery; Allows you to use the data structure from backup files to restore the structure in the damaged file; Drag and drop files from the Windows Explorer; Print the data structure in the file.

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