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POP3 Scan Mailbox 1.0

Checks all your POP3 mailboxes for new messages. Can easily delete any unwanted or junk mail, either automatically or under manual control. Remove large mail bombs without having to download them. You can inspect the first few lines of dubious emails before deciding whether to accept them. Read urgent messages immediately and leave the rest for later. View or retrieve selected emails only. Import saved email messages into your usual mail program. Available for Windows 3.x, 95, 98 and NT. Free for non-commercial use. Simple to configure and use. Works with any ISP which provides POP3 mailboxes. Is provided with full Windows Help and a comprehensive manual. Supports multiple accounts, ISPs and users. Allows manual and automatic mail-kill, based on user supplied criteria. Is capable of detecting and deleting junk mail. Can be run automatically to check a series of mailboxes. Is supported by the author and by an enthusiastic group of users. Is still being developed with a wish-list of enhancements suggested by users. Has now finished its beta phase and can be used indefinitely without expiring. Will always remain freeware. POP3 Scan Mailbox also requires Microsoft's vb40032.dll in the \\windows\\system directory. Check whether you have this file on your computer. The zipped file is 463K in size and should be downloaded into a temporary directory, unzipped and the vb40032.dll file copied into \\windows\\system before running POP3 Scan Mailbox.


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