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Advanced File Organizer

Advanced File Organizer is a powerful yet easy-to-use cataloging utility that helps you find any file stored on a removable media or on your hard drive in a matter of seconds. Advanced File Organizer supports all kinds of media recognized by Windows as drives: CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, Memory Stick cards, ZIP disks, floppies, hard drives, network drives etc. This utility organizes files and folders into a hierarchical tree and lets you handle archive files as ordinary folders. You can add searchable comments to files and folders and retrieve descriptions of Audio CDs from the extensive Internet database. Advanced File Organizer allows sorting files in two ways - by their location or by categories - whichever you find more convenient. Advanced File Organizer features powerful search capabilities (you don't need even to have a particular disk in the drive to be able to search it) and includes a built-in reporting tool that allows you to create and print reports that summarize information about the indexed media. You can also export search results to the CSV format and analyze them with MS Excel or other tool that supports this format.

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