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tangible architect

tangible architect generates full business objects - not only stubs!
tangible architect is not limited to generating stubs from UML – in contrast to typical UML CASE Tools. tangible architect generates a full business object implementation – including data access code - from C# interface definitions or UML !

tangible architect is focused - code templates are optimized and quality assured
tangible architect is not a code-generator that comes with a huge set of predefined templates for every technology and language. And there is good reason for this: tangible architect has a well designed set of features to support the implementation of a specific architecture on one platform. This allows our templates to be highly optimized and quality assured with regard to that platform. Extension points to add your business logic are well defined. When you need to rely on quality work, tangible® architect is a serious option.

tangible architect supports the whole development team
tangible architect supports each team member role: Architect, Business Logic Developer, User Interface Developer and Tester. The tangible architect feature set was carefully designed with regard to their different tasks and working styles to make sure it fits everyone’s needs.

tangible architect has a unique feature set
tangible architect supports UML. Generated business objects realize the data access with intelligent caching and even implement data-binding interfaces for rapid User Interface development. The database schema is completely derived from the business object model and automatically deployed to your database. tangible architect is integrated into VS.NET and comes with an OO-Database Browser. This set of highlights is absolutely unique in the market!

Generate full implementation
Automatically generate your Business Objects and the Database Schema

Realize huge cost savings
Reduce implementation and test effort and associated costs by up to 50%

Envision and communicate using UML...
...or C# Interfaces, or Wizards

Reduce hand-crafted code by 70%
And improve maintainability and error rates

Leverage Data-Binding
Develop complex User Interfaces rapidly!

Beat the competition
By feature, quality, costs & time-to-market

Enhance maintainability
Separate UI code from business logic

Prepare for .NET 2.0 and Vista
...and benefit from a smooth transition*

Build easy-to-deploy applications
And benefit from a royalty free runtime

Enable your team to perform best
And maximize your ROI

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