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ATM 3.0 (155 Kb)

ATM 3.0 features:
Real-time capability to monitor all processes and threads, font-family: tahoma, arial, serif;their CPU usage, execution time, etc.
It allows you to completely manage the system priority of all running processes and threads. You can even set a DPC (Dynamic Priority Controller) which can switch between two defined priorities specifying a time-slice for both.
It allows you to know which are the system handles opened by all processes. Ability to specify a default priority for a process so ATM will make sure all process instances will have the chosen priority.
Ability to define "actions" ATM will execute when your defined conditions will take place. It is a really powerful, flexible and easily-configurable function that allows you to define complex tasks to be automatically executed.
Ability to spy and control all system windows. System Information: ATM collects some informations about yuor system (physical and virtual memory utilization, wide CPU technical informations, Operating System version). CPU cooler: ATM offers even two different types of CPU cooling function, both based on the x86 HLT instruction which is called only when the system is idle, so it doesn't affects other tasks. Naturally, you can uncheck it whenever you want.


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