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MaxxChat 1.1.1 (3.89 Mb)

MaxxChat began as a simple IRC client, but has since evolved far beyond the scope of IRC.

In its latest version, MaxxChat now includes AOL IM and ICQ interoperability!

It's becoming increasingly difficult to tell where IRC ends and AIM/ICQ begin!

Send and receive Instant Messages on ICQ, AIM, and IRC! Now with tons of other features ranging from streaming media (Internet TV and Radio) to news/stocks/weather, MP3 player, Web Search facility, "WhosOn" (buddy list) notifier, and more - all in a thin toolbar-type interface that fits neatly at the top of your screen!

Definitely a MUST-SEE!" Maxx provides "visible" downloads. If a download is a recognized image file - jpg, gif, bmp, pcx, etc - you can see it scan-line by scan-line as it downloads.

From the instant you fire it up, it becomes apparent MaxxChat is unlike any Chat client you've ever used before.


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