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Rooms 3D Desktop

This novel program turns your Windows desktop into a 3D game. If you're into games such as Quake and Unreal, you may be interested in this interesting enhancement. Rooms 3D essentially provides a brand new desktop, but allows you compute and manage windows as you normally would. The difference, of course, is that you can actually navigate through these 3D environments. This freeware version includes one basic world to explore, and lets you download and install more from the developer's Web site. Just like a game, the program lets you navigate using keyboard, joystick and mouse controls. You can run, strafe and zoom through the display. There are even complete overview maps to help you check out your brand new world.
Rooms 3D basically starts from scratch, so you'll have to take time re-creating your assortment of desktop icons. However, you're rewarded with really cool 3D icons that can be resized and customized. The program is completely integrated into the Windows environment, so you can simply drag and drop applications to create the icons. Rooms 3D also provides numerous settings for maximizing the functionality and performance of the desktop.
As an added touch, the program includes a 3D screen saver that displays animated journeys through the desktop. This freeware version is fully functional, but there's a "payware" version that lets you create and share your own Rooms. Windows 95. Windows NT. Windows 98. Windows 2000. 

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