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BackWork 2.12 (1.78 Mb)

BackWork Anti-Trojan Horse program for Windows - Backwork, a tool that at first could only detect Back Orifice, but now is able to detect and remove 251 Trojan Horses.
After a Trojan has been installed on a system it is very easy to break into the infected system. After access has been achieved, the person that got in can see everything
on your drives, read your e-mail and passwords and can do much more. Backwork is cardware for private users. Cardware means we would appreciate a postcard from the
user. If you are planning to use Backwork in a business-environment, or if you are a private user, but want support on the product, you must order a license. (for more info,
check out their homepage: http://www.framework.nl/backwork/eng/index.html )


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