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Sam Spade 1.14 (1.75 Mb)

Sam Spade for Windows is a freeware suite of network query tools. Each tool displays it's output in it's own window, and everything is multi-threaded so you don't need to
wait for one query to complete before starting the next one. Some functions are threaded still further to allow lazy reverse DNS lookups (never do a traceroute -n again). The
output from each query is hotlinked, so you can right click on an email address, IP address, hostname or internic tag to run another query on it. Appending the results of a
query to the log window is a single button function. There's a lot of online help, in both WinHelp and HTMLHelp formats. This includes tutorials, background information and
links to online resources as well as the program manual itself. List of tools in Sam Spade: ping, nslookup, whois, IP block whois, dig, traceroute, finger, SMTP VRFY, web
browser, keep-alive, DNS zone transfer, SMTP relay check, Usenet cancel check, website download, website search, email header analysis, Email blacklist query, Abuse
address query, S-Lang scripting, Time For more info: http://samspade.org


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