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Multiple Search and Replace V1.1

4dots Software Multiple Search & Replace is a powerful utility that can search across multiple ASCII files(Text,HTML,ASPX,PHP etc.) using regular expressions and wildcards. The tool can also be used to mass replace and change the text that was returned by the search. It is ideal for webmasters and all others who want to make a quick replace in many files at the same time.

Other features include the ability to perform a multi-line search with multiple search criteria and multiple search operators (AND,OR,NOT,XOR,NEAR). File options , such as file size, file attributes, file date can be specified and "include and exclude" paths can be set as can multiple file patterns. All search results can be reported on .

The user can also see the context and the line of each search result with the search result being highlighted.

The replace actions include the ability to "Replace","Insert Before","Insert After","Delete","Delete Line" and "Clear".

Backup of the files that are being changed with the replace are being held. The user can undo the last replace action.

The user can also create and save projects that contain multiple searches. Multiple searches and replaces can be executed at once as a batch replace. 4dots Software Multiple Search and Replace also provides the ability to directly edit the files that contain the search results with a built-in editor. The search results are being highlighted in the editor and can be accessed easily.

Finally, the application can also be easily executed from the command-line.

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