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Parental Control Software V5.0.1.5

Parental control software is widely used in cyber cafe to monitor and capture computer user activity such as visited URL information, typed email, pressed keystrokes, MS documents, excel worksheet, accessed personal folders, changes or modification in restricted documents and many more in an efficient manner. Kids desktop activity monitoring software also useful for parent who want to keep track their child computer usages activity including visited web addresses, search engine searched, downloaded application, executed program etc. Computer keyboard keystroke monitoring software is smoothly installed on any version of windows OS and work completely in hidden mode and secretly records each and every activity of laptop, desktop computer user in your non-appearance. Employee activity monitoring application is also used in corporate sector such as call center to monitor employee day to day computer activity including visiting entertainment sites, playing online games directly in Internet Explorer or communicating with numerous people via IM chat and automatically send report to network administrator or computer owner after a set interval of time. Features: * Keylogger application has password protected feature which prevents system from unauthorized user to change or modify software configuration setting. * Parental control software has advanced option to set hotkeys and run command setting to access application, when running in hidden mode. * Computer keyboard keystroke monitoring application records every keystroke including combination of keys, function key, alt, ctrl, shift etc. * Kids activity monitoring software runs totally in invisible mode and it cannot detects by any antivirus and anti keylogger program. * Keystroke monitoring software monitors and captures visited website details and support all types of browser such as safari, internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, opera, Google chrome etc.

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