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Kernel Tape Data Recovery Software 4.02

Kernel for Tape is efficient tape data recovery software that retrieves data from erased tape drives, damaged tape header. It is helpful in broken or de-spooled backup tapes as it provides you with all lost, damaged, deleted tape data. It recovers data from all types of corrupted, damaged tapes cartridges such as DLT, AIT, LTO, DAT tapes and formats. Recursive scanning is done by Tape recovery software on damaged tape and retrieves the lost data. After the complete scanning the data found in the damaged tape is stored in a image file and the found files and folders are displayed in a tree like structure from where you can easily copy your recovered files to a user specified location.

Software is fast, simple and easy to use Tape data recovery software, which helps you to recover your lost data and files in minutes in case of tape corruption and hence supports your business continuity. Download Free Evaluation Version of Tape recovery software, which creates tape image and analyze it to show you the files and folders that are recoverable. Kernel for Tape supports all tape formats.

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