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Record Computer Screen 10.02.02

If your organization is facing low productivity due to time wastage by employees’ in unnecessary activities, then a tool to record computer screen can help you out. Recording what your employees do and how they utilize their working hours can help to improve productivity by putting a stop on unnecessary activities. Using such tool the manager, administrator or any high authority can record computer screen of employees and save these recordings as AVI files.

Computer screen recorder also allows the monitoring person to monitor and manage all added computers from a centralized location. Options that are available for managing multiple computers from a centralized location are- shutdown, lock, start screen saver and remove wallpaper. To record computer screen of employees without informing them, agent can be installed remotely.

Computer screen recorder tool is also available for free evolution. The demo version lets the user to register one computer and view its activities for 7 days. However, the user cannot record computer screen with demo version, as for doing so purchase of full version is required.

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