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Hot MP3 Downloader

Hot MP3 Downloader makes instant access to huge numbers of music, recommends USA AIRPLAY HOT 100 every week, enables you to download full length songs with no limitation and provides you better music at a higher bitrate of up to 320kbps as well. It is simple to download and install, and free of any malware, and compatible with any digital players like iPod, etc., so that you can enjoy world hot music in one click more cozily and easily.

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DSL 16000 : 00:00:03 Stunden
DSL 6000 : 00:00:09 Stunden
DSL 2000 : 00:00:28 Stunden
ISDN : 00:14:45 Stunden
56K Modem : 00:16:52 Stunden


Downloadgröße 7085 KB
Shareware - Lizenz
Ab System: WinXP
Sprache: ENG
Am Fr 07. Mai 2010 eingetragen
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