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AD Reports

Assure an effective Active Directory management with AD Reports software. The AD Reports is a complete, comprehensive, and output-driven software designed to streamline Active Directory management. Incorporating multiple Active Directory management tools like query Active Directory, manage users information, manage users accounts and password, generate Active Directory reports, etc. in a single tool, AD Reports has proven itself a complete tool to perform all Active Directory management related tasks. The software provides the system administrator a central location to manage Active Directory objects across multiple domains.

With AD Reports software, managing domains, organizational units, domain controllers, computers, servers, users, groups, users’ logon hours, and other Active Directory objects is now like a few mouse clicks process. The software has faded away the task of remembering long and complex commands for managing Active Directory objects, as there is no need to use commands for more. Using the advanced yet simplified interface of the software, the administrator can easily create/execute complex queries pertaining Windows Active Directory and Windows Management Instrumentation repository. In addition with simplifying Windows Active Directory management, the software has made generating Active Directory reports easy.

More than 65 Active Directory reports now can be easily developed in just a single mouse click through AD Reports software. The reports generated with AD Reports software are easily customizable. Moreover, the reports can be saved in various formats like HTML, PDF, CSV, RTF, and TXT. The software is also available for a free demo of 30 days. However, during the trial period, the software does not print or save the Active Directory reports.

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