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MP3 TrackMaker v. 1.5

MP3 TrackMaker is a perfect utility to split up large MP3 files into tracks,
such as your favorite radio shows, live concerts, trance mixes, and other
lengthy audio files.
Now supports Winamp! Simply pause audio in Winamp where you
want to set a breakpoint, and hit 'Get Winamp Position' in MP3
TrackMaker, and the time will be inserted into the track time list.
(NEW FEATURE from 1.0)
Supports more robust filenaming schemes (NEW FEATURE from
Allows for splitting into equal time segments (such as breaking up
into 4 minute sections) (NEW FEATURE from 1.0)
Now able to split by hundredths of a second (NEW FEATURE from
Allows for splitting by offsets into the audio file (i.e. 3:24, 6:20,
9:15, etc.)
Preserves ID3 tags and frame headers
Small, fast track creation, and simple to use (only 68KB!)
Works with most all MP3 files (Layer III), excluding VBR.


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