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Password Protect PDF-Encryption Tool

Download free AWinware PDF encryption tool to password protect batch PDF files in a single click. PDF locker software is fast and affordable desktop utility to apply PDF open password (User password) and owner password. Lock your PDF files instantly. User can set various restrictions on document while protecting document like disable PDF print button, disallow PDF content text copying, form filling, page extraction etc. Software applies encryption of 40 bit and 128 bit RC4 level. Tool does not require any plug-ins to be installed on the system. Software encrypts bulk PDF documents using PDF encryption software. User can also set only owner password for encrypting the document. Thus Adobe Acrobat Reader will not prompt for entering the password while opening the documents. Features: # Software supports both 40 bit and 128 bit RC4 encryption level security. # Tool instantly locks batch PDF documents. # Software can set both user password and owner password. # Tool provides inbuilt user help manual for encrypting the document. # Software is user friendly and provides interactive graphical user interface.

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