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IE Booster 1.5 (0.40 MB)

IE Booster Web Browser Extension - IE Booster is a collection of tools that extend the context menu of the web browser MS Internet Explorer (version 5 and up). You may already be familiar with the IE Web Accessories for IE5 published by MS, which do not work with IE6 any more and MS is yet to publish an update! This is why IE Booster is such a powerful and unique collection of tools! And the icing on the cake? IE Booster is totally free! *** How to use IE Booster: After installation, restart your IE browser and click with the right mouse button onto the web page or an image to see the new functions in the context menu. **** Available Functions: Show All Forms and Applets of a Web Page (Unique!) * Show Page Source and Partial Source * Show Style Sheets * Show Hyper Links * Show all Images in a Webpage * Show Image Data * Open Frame in This or New Window * Copy Page Title as (a href=url)Title(/a) to clipboard * Copy Link Target as (a href=url)Caption(/a) to clipboard *! Open Selected Text as URL in New Browser * Copy Image Path to Clipboard * Resize Browser Window * For ZOPE-Users: Manage Page or Parent folder and Restart Server



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