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passGen 1.0

This password generator is a complete free tool and comes as it is. Ofcourse you can hit the donation item in the menu if you like this tool ;)
I do not take any responsibility IF it (which I doubt) harms your computer.

Anyway this tool comes with some key features such as editable Hotkeys and editable Password settings.
Here is a small How to now...

The main window:
You can choose if you want your password generated with capital letters, small letters, numbers and special characters of your choice.
The default settings are without the special chars but of course you security reasons I always recommend to use special characters (i.e. “{lb$*fGwP{|P”)

You can set the length of the password up to 99 digits. Default is set to 12.

The settings window:
If you enable “start with windows” the password generator will start on boot and be visible in your system tray.
You also can set a hotkey for showing the password generator if it’s running in the background.
The second hotkey that you can customise is the generation of a password on the fly. Which does nothing but generating a password (with the settings are set in the main form) and copy it to your clipboard.
If a hotkey is already registered and you try to assign it to the password generator you will get a notification.
The hotkeys ESC (for hiding the application) and F1 (for showing this help) are set by default and can’t be changed and does not interact with other applications.
If you want to change any settings on that panel please don’t forget to click “Save” :p

The About menu:
Here you find this help, the contact information if you ever face any problems or just want to say thank you :p and of course a donation button in case you really like this tool and want to say thank you on that way.

This generator comes without an setup. If you ever set the "start with windows" option and move this generator to a different location then the autostart will not work anymore.
To fix that simply go to the settings tab and deselect "start with windows", click save, recheck "start with windows" and click save again. This will fix the registry entry for the auto start.

Now that’s it so far. I hope you like this tool and enjoy how easy you now can create passwords on the fly without any clicks.


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