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Keyboard Monitor-

Keyboard monitor software allows you to stealthily observe any user's computer activities. Keylogger is an invisible surveillance utility that records every key press activities to encrypted user friendly easy to understand logs. Windows keylogger utility can also capture active window text, username, passwords, text typed in all popular instant messengers including AOL, YAHOO, ICQ, MSN and AIM. PC keylogger tool automatically track application status, drive location, session time and date, application caption with each keystroke and save it in log file. Software can capture screenshots of all accessed activities can also secretly send reports to your e-mail address. Smart keylogger traces the pressed keys action and monitor your employee's activities in real time, save all or certain keystrokes on their PCs. Keylogger recorder is not visible in desktop, add-remove programs, start menu and control panel and cannot be detected by using any spyware or antivirus. Utility supports for recording of keystrokes including special keys like Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Tab etc. Remote Keylogger application causes no suspicious slowdowns to system speed and takes very few system resources to operate. Software can save all keystrokes in encrypted log file and can be protected with password. Features: * Keylogger software obtain confidential data like login details, passwords, chat histories and all inserted text. * Key Logger existence will not be seen on the Desktop, Add-Remove Programs and Control panel. * Easily keep eyes on employees, kids etc. * Keystroke capture tool is a password protected hidden application, so no one can uninstall it without having rights. * Not visible in desktop, add/remove programs and control panel.

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