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Super MP3 Download

Super MP3 Download is easy-to-use software which enables you to download over 100 million MP3 from the largest download network for free and unlimitedly listen to music online before you download them. It also recommends you the Billboard Hot 100 every week and lists the hottest songs of 14 categories. You can do advanced search by artist, title, album, and edition and can even choose specific edition of live, piano, guitar, cover etc. to search.

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Ab System: WinXP
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Am Do 09. Jul 2009 eingetragen
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Super MP3 Download 3 von 5 Sternen

von am .

Hallo liebe Leser,

ich benutze das Programm seit 2 Tagen. Leider musste ich feststellen, daß die Songs ( lt. Media Player ) mit einer Bitrate von 64 Kb/s wiedergegeben werden, was ich doch für zu wenig halte. Ansonsten ein gutes Programm.


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