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Draw Recovery

Search of the people, who are looking for efficient and easy to use software for Draw recovery ends here. Kernel for Draw is affordable and simple software, which performs Draw recovery in fraction of minutes. The software recovers ODG files in the format as they were before corruption i.e. it maintains the properties and the formatting of the data elements embedded in the damaged ODG file. During the Draw recovery process, the software recovers text, images, image objects, and text formatting as is. Kernel for Draw helps you recover single as well as multiple ODG files at the same time by following some simple steps. First of all the software prompts you to select the damaged ODG file(s). After the file(s) has been selected, the software prompts you to specify the saving location. Once you specify the saving location, Kernel for Draw starts Draw recovery and saves the recovered ODG file(s) at the specified location. The software supports all versions of OpenOffice. Kernel for Draw can be installed on MS Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Free evaluation version of the software can be also downloaded to analyze its quality. But, the evaluation version can’t allow you save the recovered ODG file(s). Full version of Kernel for Draw needed to be purchased in order to save the recovered Draw file(s).

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