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Antivirus Internet Security Software v1.0

Best Antivirus software and internet security programs completely manage your computer and protect your computer from unknown Viruses, Trojans, Malwares and Spyware threats. Software protects your pc in real-time and blocks all unknown viruses and filters all accessed web-pages for fraud attempts. While using BitDefender Antivirus Internet Security packages your pc has been risk free from all types of malware threats. Features of BitDefender Antivirus Internet Security Software: * Equipped with very fast scanning techniques to perform quick virus scan * Quickly detect and remove all types of spyware, trojans and malware * Reduces the risk of identity theft * Advanced antivirus, spyware protection with firewall * Advanced phishing attacks protection and Spam Blocker. * Software built with latest technology "internet security 2009" * Advance proactive virus detection techniques to block viruses and trojans. BitDefender Internet Security suite is a proactive security bundle that easily protects your identity and your personal computer from hackers, viruses, emails and IM scams. Advance Parental control techniques helps you and your family members avoid unsafe websites.

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