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Mobizaar Free Ringtones

Free user-generated mobile content. We created Mobizaar so our users can experience the benefits of a fun, free and flexible mobile content service. We free you from the bonds that exist elsewhere with high prices and standard preset content. There are no tricks or catches... we try to live off of ads so that you dont have to pay anything. Our users can select from any of the base content files on the site (1000s and growing everyday) and edit them or use as is. The Mobizaar desktop application is the gateway to our content focused mobile social network site. Mobizaar website users can also upload their own content to create their own unique sound or look and then broadcast it to all their friends. You can download (to your PC or direct to your cell phone) and rate the content that other post on the site. There is no better way to say something about yourself than how you personalize your cell phone. Mobizaar makes that possible and at the very user friendly price of FREE! Just download the free application (no registration required to download) and choose from the existing content or create your own. Mobizaar has all the tools to allow the user to create the perfect sound or image for their mobile phone.

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Am Mi 27. Mai 2009 eingetragen
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