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TrustPort Antivirus U3 Edition

TrustPort Antivirus U3 Edition is designed specifically for the protection of U3 smart drives. U3 smart drive is a special version of USB flash drive, enabling users storing both their data and applications, which can then be run on any host computer. Security of portable media in general has been a widely neglected issue for a long time. TrustPort Antivirus U3 Edition is a perfect answer to this issue. When installed on the U3 smart drive, it continuously monitors files being copied to the drive, so that no malicious codes can be stored on it. On-access protection is further supplemented with on-demand scanning. The user can scan files, folders or drives on the host computer. If an infected file is found, it will be handled according to user settings. It can be renamed, moved to quarantine or deleted. To ensure the highest level of security, the software udergoes regular updates from the internet. TrustPort Antivirus U3 Edition is compatible with the program manager U3 Launchpad.

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