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Undetectable Keylogger

Professional keylogger monitoring software is efficient tool which records all performed activities including chat conversation, visited websites URLs, search engines words, visited URLs, emails, user id, passwords and internet activities. Undetectable keylogger recorder application is able to records all file and folders operation activities including move, create, delete and rename actions. Advance keystroke recording program function by hidden way to keep an eye and track your employees, children, kids, visited user and other people from unofficial access of internet activities and make inaccessible your private data. Undetectable keyboard capture utility record all typed keystrokes such as system keys, functional keys, alpha numeric keys etc in encrypted or hidden log file. Advance keylogger monitor application will not be listed in task manager, start menu and add/remove document list and remains and imperceptible with any firewall, antivirus or spyware software. Professional keystroke recorder tool records keyboard activity of computer or laptop in html or text documents and invisibly delivers logs to your mailbox. Keylogger monitor utility is easily used by all type of users like home, institutions and organizations. Undetectable keylogger recording software is fully compatible with all windows operating systems including 2002, 2003, ME, XP, NT, Vista etc. Keylogger capture application has attractive wizard interface and easy to install on your computer without any technical skill. Features: * Keylogger recording software records overall system and internet activities in the hidden way. * Advance keystroke monitor utility feature with unauthorized user cannot change its configuration settings. * Undetectable keylogger monitoring tool record all type of keystroke like online chatting, WebPages, emails, text messages etc. * Keystroke recorder program works in two different modes such as standard and hidden mode

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