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Keystrokes Capture Software

Professional keyboard key tracking wizard is the best secret way to investigate about all keyboard activities generated by other users on your own PC. Keystrokes capture software regularly monitors and records all keyboard created events, messenger login passwords (yahoo, rediff), online chat history, instant messages, MS documents operations and visited websites address in the most economic manner. PC monitoring application is unique and non destructive tool, fully capable of controlling and tracking multiple user accounts concurrently and facilitates to mail complete log of system activities to user specified email address. Keylogger recording program is best suited for parents willing to track their child’s offline and online activities and for entrepreneurs to periodically monitor employees’ working status. Keystrokes capture software is completely unavailable and hidden for other users as it remains undetected in any searching area like task manager, system startup and control panel. Keyboard surveillance utility works in absolute invisible mode and records each typed character including special symbols, asterisk character (hidden passwords), and sent/received mails. Keystrokes capture software is password secured tool, provides an inbuilt help option to explain configuration and working steps in easiest way. Features: * PC monitoring wizard hides its installation files from system desktop and bypasses all major antivirus applications and spyware tools. * Keystrokes capture application works perfectly with widely used windows OS including windows Vista and can be easily handled even by novice users. * Software maintains is fully functional with different web browsers available like Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox etc. * Keylogger program acts as powerful investigation tool in forensic research field. * Utility generates reports of recorded keystroke data in hidden encrypted text file format.

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