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iWisoft Free Flash SWF Downloader

iWisoft Free Flash SWF Downloader is a free Flash SWF downloader tool to download your favorite Flash swf animations from any webpage. You can use it to download embedded Flash swf animations like Flash games, Flash cards and presentations. It's very simple and user-friendly. Just copy and paste the URL address of the webpage you want to download Flash SWF from, and then click the "Download" button to start downloading. With the built-in Flash SWF Player, previewing and playing the downloaded animations never becomes so easy. And If you want to convert Flash SWF to video/audio/picture formats, such as avi, flv, mpeg, wmv, iPod, 3gp, psp, mp3, animated gif, you can click the "Convert SWF" button in bottom-right corner to convert Flash SWF with iWisoft Flash SWF to Video Converter. All are amazing you to enjoy Flash conveniently! Best of all, the program is completely free to use!

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Ab System: Alle Windowssysteme
Sprache: ENG
Am Fr 06. Mae 2009 eingetragen
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