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Much has been written about firewalls, and how they can protect your computer from the dangers of the Internet. However, it has been proven that these security tools aren't necessarily hackerproof and can be penetrated under certain circumstances.
LeakTest is a cleverly written program designed to test your firewall's vulnerabilities. You may be surprised with what you find.
When put to work, the program attempts to bypass firewall protection and gain unrestricted access between your PC and the Net. It establishes a standard TCP connection to the developer's server, and subsequently verifies and then terminates the connection.
No data is actually sent from your computer during the test, but the program highlights key firewall filtering weaknesses. Though firewalls are supposed to block suspicious connections, it often allows your browser, instant messenger and other Internet programs to work. Malicious files, such as viruses and trojan horses, can simply rename themselves to fool unsuspecting firewalls.
This small program requires no installation, and can be run with a click. After the test, it indicates if your firewall has been penetrated. You can optionally browse through "explanation" pages on the author's Web site.
Overall, LeakTest is a stunning reminder that hackers remain ahead of today's "hottest" home security programs.



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