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Data Recovery Master

Our software can recover the data that are lost by deleting or formatting or repartition or Ghost. Even if you have written part of data, DERescue can still find its directory tree. It supports IDE/SCSI/SATA/Usb-disk etc.Its recovering speed is very fast

How to use DERescue Data Recovery Master:

¡¤ Do not format or write files to the partition that you want to recover.
¡¤ Install DERescue to a free partition or a free disk to recover.
¡¤ If the files that you want to recover are on the system partition, please shutdown system and remove the HD and attach it to another computer where DERescue is previously installed.
¡¤ Run DERescue and load the harddisk to recover. If DERescue find your files, please export the files to another disk or partition which is free for saving the data.
¡¤ If repartition, you must export the files to another disk. DO NOT write files to the repartitioned disk even if the disk has empty partitions.

Here are some key features of "DERescue Data Recovery Master":

¡¤ Supports FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/EXT2 file systems.
¡¤ Recovers deleted files.
¡¤ Recovers formatted partitions.
¡¤ Recovers lost partitions.
¡¤ Recovers Repartitions.
¡¤ Supports GHOST ( from an image to partition or from an image to disk or from disk to disk).
¡¤ Supports recovering from a mirror file that is copied sector by sector from a disk or a partition.
¡¤ Supports IDE/SCSI/SATA/Usb-disk etc.

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