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Newspapers Toolbar - 1000's of Newspapers delivered directly to your browser!

Real-Time Breaking News RSS Feeds-
Receive the most important news and announcements instantly on your browser! (a single click on the scrolling RSS text on the toolbar will open that specific item's page)

Built-in Google Translator-
Built-in Google Translator of most languages.
Simply mark the text and click on the language button you want to translate into.
yeah - it's that easy.

Integrated Email-Notifier-
Have up to 5 different Email accounts notification on new Emails arrival.
All you have to do to enjoy this service is to open your web browser. From there on - everything is automatically made and does not require any user-input.

Accurate Weather Forecast Service-
Have accurate daily temperatures & forecast service delivered right to your browser. Temperatures display can be viewed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Featuring :
"right now"
3 days forecast
Extended 7 days forecast.
(Click on the icon on the left to read the weather-manual)

Online Communities-
Stay connected to your friends & family using the Newspapers-toolbar quick links to all the major community websites and instant messengers.

Search is powered by Google, and enhanced by Alexa-
Search Google for any term including breaking news, top stories, current events, feature stories, world news, images, media, politics, culture, art and much more.

Switch to Alexa search engine on the fly for QUALITY alternative results.


Streaming Internet Radio-
Enjoy handpicked radio stations of various genres:
Blues, Disco, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Pop, Oldies, 70's, 80's, 90's, World music, Chansons and more!

all the published live radio stations from your local area,
and the ability to add your custom radio station(s). *soon*

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