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3D Shangai Mahjong Unlimited

A challenging game of solitaire where the goal is to eliminate all components by matching together the similar components found at the edges of the various levels of the pyramid. You will have more choice once the elimination begins, however total elimination is not guaranteed. The game of Mahjong stems from an ancient Chinese game with 150 pieces and four players. The original game of Mahjong is quite different from our version. 3D Shanghai Mahjong Unlimited offers 20 different component styles including Bambou, wood, ivory, etc. and 70 pyramid types with a random shuffle feature ensuring a new starting point every time. You may share the pleasure with a loved one thanks to our new two-player mode. This game offers original component styles such as playing cards or figures for the beginners. For the more advanced players, the game allows you to custom-make your pyramid with the editor feature. Your audio and visual comfort is our priority. A number of sound and graphics options have been made available for your playing pleasure. Intuitive play allows the game rules to be quickly mastered. This 3D game operates with Windows 9x, Windows XP, Windows Vista equipped with a 3D accelerator card compatible with Direct3D and 8 MO of video memory. It is easily installed and uninstalled on your hard drive. Please consider the relevant regulations and standards for this type of operation. This game evolves with its players as TLK games guarantees frequent version updates.

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