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RSS Channel Writer 2.0.0

RSS Channel Writer 2.0.0
RSS Channel Writer is a powerful RSS feed creator, editor and submitter. With this program you can easily create general RSS feeds, iTunes RSS feed and RSS for Google products for your web site in seconds. It includes wizard, autocomplete tools, FTP manager, HTML and XML viewer and automatic RSS pin...

Shareware - Lizenz
Ab System: WinXP
Am Do 01. Okt 2009 eingetragen
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XML Converter

XML Converter is a data conversion software tool lets to interactively create XML data transformation. XML Converter unites data from ODBC, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL databases, or from MS Office files into XML documents. It gives you ability to predefine XML transformation template scenario to cr...

Shareware - Lizenz
Ab System: WinXP
Am Mi 16. Mai 2007 eingetragen
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Load and Edit XML and XSLT docs, click Transform and see the tranformation both as text and as rendered html. Requires MS IE5 and XML 3.0. Ideal for learning and testing XSLT. Quickly insert fragments from a user code library

Freeware - Lizenz
Ab System: Win95/98
Am Mo 29. Okt 2001 eingetragen
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