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PGP-ICQ 0.95 (1.6Mb)

PGP-ICQ is a plug-in application for the most popular instant messenger software in the world - Mirabilis' ICQ. It allows you to encrypt your ICQ messages using the power of the world's best encryption software - Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).

Have you ever thought how vulnerable ICQ is and how easy it is for strangers to read your ICQ traffic? It's obvious that you might want to encrypt some of your important ICQ messages just like you would encrypt your important files and emails.

Well, you've come to the right place. Encrypting for the ICQ traffic - that's what PGP-ICQ does. More to say, PGP-ICQ is free. Even more to say, it's an open source software, so you can trust it: anyone can examine the source code and see that it does not contain any tricks, including security backdoors.

With verison 0.9 PGP-ICQ provides tools for creating and managing public and private PGP keys. It does not require the PGP software to be installed on your computer in order to get PGP-ICQ to work (still required by verson 0.5).

After you have installed PGP-ICQ and set up your PGP keys, you will notice a small "PGP" button appearing in all of your ICQ message windows. Using PGP-ICQ commands, you will have to assign a public key from your PGP key database to every person on your ICQ list you want to send encrypted messages to. Once you have assigned the keys, you will be able to encrypt the outgoing messages and decrypt incoming messages.


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