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System Lock 1.1.34 (196 Kb)

System Lock allows you to lock your desktop so that no other users may use your computer. Windows NT/2000 already comes with this capability, but what about
Windows 95, 98 & ME? System Lock contains numerous Options for security and appearance. It also has a unique protection system in that, if your computer is restarted
or a power failure causes your machine to reboot, System Lock will automatically lock the system on restarting, so that you computer will remain locked. This option is of
course only an option, and every user may not need this option. Upon System Lock Launching it will automatically minimize into the System Tray, ready for activation. If
you simply double click on the icon, it will lock the system for you. Right clicking on it will bring up a context menu allowing you to open the prefrences Dialog, or Unload it
from memory. If you add the paramater '/QUICKLOCK' without the quotes to the end of your shortcut, System Lock will lock straight away and when the correct password
is entered it will unload itself from memory.


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