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Music Match Jukebox v. 6.0

Voted BEST JUKEBOX by PC Magazine, MusicMatch Jukebox is the
fastest, easiest to use and most powerful personal jukebox software on the
MusicMatch Jukebox is the only FREE jukebox software that comes
complete with the ability to record and play unlimited CD-Quality MP3s,
Windows Media, CDs, and video.
Easy, one-step process for recording MP3s from CDs, vinyl and cassettes.
Industry-leading Fraunhofer MP3 encoding technology delivers recording
speeds up to 12 times faster than real time - up to twice as fast as our
Integrated CDDB support automatically adds artist, album title and song
names to new MP3s when connected to the Internet.
Support for ID3v.2 tagging standard lets you add cover art, liner notes,
lyrics and artist bios to MP3s.
Additional support for recording in Windows Media Audio (WMA) and WAV
Integrated "two-click" CD burning system lets you create custom audio
CDs or MP3 CDs containing up to 150 tracks. Supports most standard
CD-R and CD-RW drives. Create compilation CDs using saved playlists or
by selecting individual tracks. Easy-to-read capacity meter tells you when
you've filled up your disk with music


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