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PDF Unlocker Tool

Easily remove restrictions from PDF files with PDF unlocker tool and enable all restricted functions. Kernel for PDF Restriction Removal helps the user to get access to the data stored in a protected PDF file. This PDF unlocker tool removes all restrictions just through few mouse clicks. All that a user needs to do to remove PDF restriction is selecting the protected PDF file. Once restrictions applied to the PDF file are removed, the user can easily print the PDF file, copy data from it, edit it or extract data from it.

Since it is a non destructive PDF unlocker tool, it does not affect the data integrity and properties of the PDF file selected for restriction removal. PDF files that are created with any version of Adobe Acrobat are fully supported for restriction removal. For using this PDF unlocker tool it is not necessary to have Adobe Acrobat installed on the system of the user.

Free demo version of the PDF unlocker tool is also available, which removes restrictions from PDF files up to 200 KB size. To remove restriction from files above 200 KB size, full version of PDF unlocker tool is required.

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