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bjornsons screen ruler v1

A simple AIR Screen Ruler that can easily be customised to fit your exact needs.

The settings include:

* option to set the background alpha: so now you can place the ruler on top of your screen or next to the object to be measured, just the way you like
* option to set the background color: in combination with the alpha you can always make your ruler appear in contrast to the measured object without distracting too much
* resising by dragging the corners: you can easily resize the ruler simply by dragging any corner in the desired direction
* hide to dock: hide the ruler to the docking station by choosing “hide” from the menu or simply clicking ESC on your keyboard
* move/resize single pixels: you can move the ruler with the arrow keys on your keyboard, and resize it with the arrow keys while holding down STRG (or the equivalent for your system)

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